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We appreciate your business! Stay up to date on lead times!

MESO Stealth Pro Shift knob

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The MESO Stealth shift knob. What is it? Basically, it's a TRD PRO style replacement shift knob....but with a twist.  As you may notice, there are 2 wires coming out of the bottom which are connected to left and right activation buttons hidden on each side of the shift knob.

What do the shift knob buttons do exactly? On all 2016-up Tacoma's, there is a factory button on the lower dash labeled ECT. (Electronically Controlled Transmission). When that button is pressed, the truck drives/shifts more responsive. Almost like an overdrive.

This is where the stealth knob comes in handy. It relocates the ECT button to be at the palm of your hand making the ECT mode much more convenient to activate. This also frees up a spot on the dash(where the original button was) so an aftermarket switch/button can be installed if needed.

The Stealth shift knob comes with all the wire/extensions needed for a plug and play install. Screw the knob on, run the extension up to the lower dash, unplug the OEM ECT connector, and plug it into the provided harness. You can use either left or right side button for the ECT control. The other unused button is ready for any additional accessory that you want to activate. Customers have used it for garage door openers, light bars, aux lights, etc.

The kit now comes with both RED and BLACK buttons. So you can choose the color you want.


Fits 3rd Gen only 

Automatic Models Only



The auxiliary wire in this kit is only intended to support currents under 1 Amp. DO NOT send more than 1 Amp through this kit. The best use of this kit is to replace a small surface mount button on some devices, or to trigger a relay.